Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence

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Applications of Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF)

TIRF Applications include:

TIRF Microscopy Application Notes

Application note brochures and PDF reprints of selected articles published by our customers, who used our pTIRF and lgTIRF systems as accessories for fluorescence microscopes.

Lightguide-based Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence and Shallow Angle Fluorescence Microscopy (SAFM) - Novel Methods for Cell Biology Studies

Prism-based TIRFM and lightguide-based TIRFM for Single Molecule Detection Studies

TIRF-EC - the Utility of ElectroChemical Polarization and Electric Field Control for TIRF Detection

Dynamics of Lipid Rafts in Living Cell Membranes Studied by Lightguide-based Total Internal Reflection  Fluorescence Microscopy (lg-TIRFM)

Selected articles with data obtained by TIRF Labs’ pTIRF and lgTIRF microscopy systems and TIRF accessories for fluorometers

lg-TIRFM for Neuroscience Studies.  Axon Growth and Pathfinding. Studies of Intracellular Pathways that Govern Axon Behavior

Molecualr mechanisms of baculovirus entry into mamallian cells studied by lgTIRFM, and SAFM combined with other methods

TIRF Spectroscopy Application Notes

PDF reprints of selected articles published by our customers, who used our TIRF flow system TA1004 as accessory for fluorometers.

TIRF Spectroscopy Application Note 1

A Label-Free Continuous Total-Internal-Fluorescence-Based Immunosensor

TIRF Spectroscopy Application Note 2

Displacement of Adsorbed Insulin by Tween 80 Monitored Using Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence and Ellipsometry

TIRF Spectroscopy Application Note 3

Enzymatic lipid removal from surfaces—lipid desorption by a pH-induced “electrostatic explosion”

TIRF Spectroscopy Application Note 4

Regenerable Biosensor Platform: A Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Cell with Electrochemical Control

TIRF Spectroscopy Application Note 5

Adsorption of Poly(ethylene glycol)-Modified Lysozyme to Silica

TIRF Spectroscopy Application Note 6

Adsorption of plasma proteins on polyethylene oxide-modified lipid bilayers studied by total internal reflection fluorescence

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