Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence

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      Digital fluidics SmartFlow TF1005 is a compact stand-alone device,  which facilitates measurements of kinetics and analysis of biomolecular interactions. SmartFlow is equipped with a precision syringe digital pump and computer-controlled valves. It is designed for use with TIRF spectroscopy, TIRF microscopy, SPR, SERS, QCM, electrochemical, and other real-time analytical techniques that employ flow cells, where one partner of the interactions (receptor or “capture” molecule) is immobilized at the surface of a sensor chip, and the other partner (ligand or “target” molecule) is present in the solution phase.  When the bioanalyte solution is injected into the flow cell, there is a transient period, during which the interactions are limited by mass transfer, rather than by the kinetics of receptor-ligand interactions. In traditional fluidics systems, the transient time is large. If the rate constant is fast, one needs large amount of bioanalyte solution to resolve the kinetics. SmartFlow TF1005 allows for minimizing the amount of bioanalyte solution necessary for measurements of fast rate constants. Typically, 100 uL or less of bioanalyte solution is sufficient to record a sensorgram and determine association and dissociation rate constants k-on and k-off. In contrast to traditional fluidics systems, SmartFlow  provides profiled flow rate, which is fast at the beginning and slower or oscillating near the equilibrium. The flow profile is precisely reproducible from sample to sample. User-friendly software guides the experimenter through all preparation stages and allows for creating custom-designed protocols.The fluidics operates automatically, once launched by the user. SmartFlow TF1005 is equipped with 4 ports to enter bioanalyte solutions. One or all 4 ports can be interfaced with automated autosamplers Gilson or similar to perform unattended screening of multiple solutions. Base model of TF1005 is supplied with two ports dedicated to handling 2 buffers that in typical experiment are pure solvent and a regeneration solution. For customized applications the six ports that in base model are used for bioanalayte (4) and buffere (2) solutions, can be reconfigured to meet the requirements of the customized application. Easy-to-use graphic user interface enables the user to operate the syringe pump and valves separately or intervene with manual manipulation, if necessary. SmartFlow TF1005 is supplied with software package, which contains set of templates for typical sensogram measurement experiments, and a wizard which facilitates designing of sophisticated customized protocols. Additionally, the graphic user interface allows to manually intervene the fluidics process to correct the parameters or pause the process and perform necessary manipulations.


SmartFlow fluidics is recommended for use with TIRF Flow System TA1004, and lightguide-, objective- and prism-based TIRF microscopy flow systems. SmartFlow application window can be conveniently open in one screen with your fluorometer application or microscopy imaging software. SmartFlow facilitates measuring of sensograms to derive rate constants k-on and k-off.

Digital Fluidics System SmartFlow TF1005



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