Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence

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TIRF Spectroscopy

TIRF Labs offers the broad range of TIRF instrumentation for spectroscopy - from TIRF Flow Cell  accessories  TA1004 for fluorometers  to sophisticated turnkey biosensor instruments TIRF Fluorogazer, portable biosensor TIRF Sense, and cellphone based iDiagnostics. Our digital fluidics SmartFlow allows for automated measuring of sensograms with minimum amount of bioanalyte solution. The portable biosensor contains everything, including illuminator, EMCCD or low light sCMOS camera, TIRF flow system with integrated microfluidics, and on-board computer to run TIRF analyses in the field environment up to 8 hours on internal battery.  IDiagnostics - is the cellphone future of the precision medicine - a clinical lab in the palm of your hand.

TIRF Accessories for Fluorometers

TIRF Labs offers TIRF Flow System TA1004 as an accessory assembled on a sample compartment insert of a fluorometer of your choice. We support virtually all fluorometers, including Horiba Fluorolog and Fluoromax, PTI, ISS, Varian Eclipse, SLM, Shimadzu, Hitachi, and custom-built fluorometers. TA1004 system is supplied as a factory aligned accessory, which replaces standard 1-cm cuvette holder. It takes no time to install/uninstall TA1004 system. TIRF Accessories can be used to monitor the kinetics of biomolecular interactions, fluorescence lifetime, polarization, anisotropy decay, quenching, Forster resonance energy transfer (FRET), fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP), and correlation spectroscopy (FCS). Optional features include temperature, electrochemical, dielectrophoretic, and electric field control. More>>>

horibaTA1004.pdf TA1004_Hitachi.pdf

Computer-Controlled Fluidics  SmartFlow TF1005

The SmartFlow TF1005 is a compact stand-alone digital fluidics, which facilitates measurements of the kinetics of biomolecular interactions. SmartFlow is equipped with a precision syringe digital pump and valves. It is designed for use with TIRF spectroscopy, TIRF microscopy, SPR, SERS, electrochemical, and other real-time analytical techniques that employ flow cells, where one partner of the interactions (receptor or “capture” molecule) is immobilized at the surface, and the other partner (ligand or “target” molecule) presented in the solution phase. SmartFlow TF1005 allows for minimizing the amount of bioanalyte necessary for measurements of fast rate constants k-on and k-off. More>>>

tf10052013.pdf portabletirfsense.pdf Fluorogazer.pdf

Portable TIRF Biosensor

TIRF Sense

TIRF Sense is a portable biosensor, which contains everything, including TIRF flow system, illuminator, EMCCD detector, on-board computer, and internal battery to perform in the field environment molecular diagnostics and other tasks of molecular analysis. More>>>

TIRF Biosensor Instrument Fluorogazer

Fluorogazer is an analytical grade TIRF fluorometer equipped with a computer-controlled SmartFlow fluidics, multicolor illuminator, filter wheels at the emission channel, and photon counting PMT or EMCCD camera. The limit of detection of Fluorogazer is at the level of single molecules. More>>>

PDF Brochure TIRF Flow System TA1004

PDF Brochure SmartFlow TF1005

PDF TIRF Sense Portable Biosensor

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Horiba-JY Fluorescence

Hitachi Fluorescence

TIRF Flow System for Horiba Fluorometers Fluorolog and Fluoromax

TIRF Flow System for Hitachi Fluorometer F-7000